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KC Consulting is a consulting firm that provides internationalization services towards the Arab Countries.

We offer our services to both companies and public authorities that want to approach their partners in the Arab world, overcoming cultural barriers and prejudices.

Thanks to our well-established network in the Mediterranean and Gulf areas, we propose tailored solutions to our clients and we guide them towards their objectives.


KC Consulting is a consulting firm based in Monza.

Our company provides companies and local public authorities  with the instruments necessary to build and develop their business and their relationships at an international level.

Our consultants are highly skilled professionals with relevant international experience. Our mission is to guide small, medium and large companies towards their goals, making full use of the resources the Italian country system can provide to promote Made in Italy.

Born in Casablanca and raised in Parma, Bologna, Naples and Rome, I consider myself a Mediterranean citizen and a natural bridge between Italy and the Arab world.

I started my career working on social involvement projects, then I continued as a professional journalist in one of the most important Italian press agencies (AnsaMed) and, finally, I decided to enter into politics. I was elected to the Italian Parliament and I became member of the Foreign Affairs Committee as well as President of the Cultural Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean.

Now, with this new project, I want to put my knowledge of the Arab world and my experience in the field of international affairs to the service of Italian companies and local authorities, helping them reach out to new markets and build meaningful, fruitful relations.

KC Consulting exists thanks to a young, multicultural, dynamic and highly skilled team that I am very proud of.

Khalid Chaouki

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